Connector Defect Detection Equipment

Connector Defect Detection Equipment

Fuwei Connector Defect Detection Equipment is an advanced solution tailored to ensure the integrity and reliability of connector components in various industries.

Crafted by leading experts in China, Fuwei Connector Defect Detection Equipment employs state-of-the-art technology to meticulously detect and identify defects, guaranteeing the highest levels of product quality and performance. As both manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to delivering superior products that meet rigorous industry standards. Our competitive pricing ensures accessibility without compromising on quality, making this equipment an invaluable asset for businesses seeking precision and efficiency in connector manufacturing processes. With Fuwei Connector Defect Detection Equipment, customers can expect unmatched reliability, accuracy, and value, empowering them to maintain exceptional product quality while optimizing production efficiency.

Detection items

Pin spacing, GAP value, positional accuracy, TIP exposure, kneeling PIN, broken PIN, deformation, scratches, adhesive, foreign objects, scratches, overflow, etc


It is difficult to present defects in light photography, with a wide variety of defect types, varying shapes and sizes, and varying areas of occurrence, resulting in high complexity


Accurate detection of various connector defects with a missed detection rate of less than 0.1%

Detectable products

Optical imaging

In response to the diverse types, shapes, and sizes of connector defects, we have developed our own optical imaging system to solve imaging problems for different types of connectors.

Introduction to imaging characteristics

Light source combination, multi position imaging

Combine different light sources to obtain images under different light sources, fuse images through algorithms to reduce imaging blind spots

One scan, multi sided output

Support time-sharing exposure for image capture, output multiple complete images to be inspected in one scan
A single scan can obtain images illuminated from multiple angles, such as bright field, dark field, backlight, etc. Multi angle illumination greatly improves defect detection rate

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