• FGU07-100FGU07-100
  • FGU07-100FGU07-100
  • FGU07-100FGU07-100
  • FGU07-100FGU07-100
  • FGU07-100FGU07-100
  • FGU07-100FGU07-100
  • FGU07-100FGU07-100
  • FGU07-100FGU07-100


Fuwei FGU07-100 Capacitive Tag Sensor is a cutting-edge product manufactured in China by a leading supplier, offering competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Fuwei FGU07-100 Capacitive Tag Sensor, meticulously crafted by a reputable manufacturer in China, stands as a hallmark of innovation and reliability. As a trusted supplier, we prioritize delivering superior quality at competitive prices, ensuring our customers receive unparalleled value without compromise.

With the development of industrial automation and the continuous improvement of automation, labeling machines have to shift from manual and semi-automatic labeling to automated high-speed labeling. In the automation system of the labeling machine, label sensors play an important role. Due to the different production processes and complex labeling procedures, modern commodity labels have increasingly higher requirements for label sensors. A powerful label sensor not only means the solution to traditional problems, but also can expand the entire labeling automation system. Ability.

FuWei FGU07-100 Capacitive Tag Sensor has consistently adhered to the concept of "high practicality and minimalist operation" to continue to create a good experience for users.

There are various types of tag sensors on the market, but many of them are easily affected by the external environment, so there are certain limitations in use. The FGU07-100 Capacitive Tag Sensor has strong resistance to sound, light, and magnetic interference and can be faster and more stable. into high-speed operations and can detect transparent labels. It can reach a response speed of 5KHZ per second, the positioning accuracy can be controlled below 0.2mm, and it can detect labels as thin as 0.05mm. It is suitable for high-speed labeling equipment with high requirements.

Introduction of FGU07-100 Capacitive Tag Sensor:Extended bottom plate, multi-directional screw holes suitable for different installation methods. The sensor is composed of a grooved housing, a light modulator transmitter and receiver, an output circuit, a chip, etc.; when the gap between the label and the bottom paper passes, due to the change of the measured It will cause the capacitance of the capacitor to change. Through the measurement circuit, the change in capacitance can be converted into a usable switching signal and output to the host computer. FuWei FGU07-100 Capacitive Tag Sensor, this series of tag sensors has fast response speed and is suitable for the detection of transparent tags.

Capacitive Tag Sensor features:

(1) The groove width is 0.7mm, the groove depth is 80mm, and the housing is compact, saving installation space;
(2) 5KHZ high-speed switching frequency and extremely short response speed, rapid detection of tags,
(3) Highly efficient anti-interference, ensuring good repeatability;
(4) Dual output: NPN+PNP, high adaptability;
(5) The sensitivity can be adjusted through the knob, and the digital display intuitively displays the current parameters. Even if the label has bubbles or bulges, it can avoid the generation of false signals.

Capacitive Tag Sensor application scenarios:

(1) Beverage filling and labeling
By detecting the label gap, the control equipment labels the wall of the cylindrical bottle.
(2) Labeling of packaging bags
Detect the presence or absence of labels and confirm the position of labels to prepare for the labeling process.
(3) Logistics packaging labeling
Detect the transparent label gap and control the equipment to label the logistics cartons.
(4) PCB circuit board labeling
Before laminating the circuit board, check whether the label is in place.
(5) Film inspection
There is a white paper film on the white plastic film. Check the gaps between the white paper films to prepare for the next step of applying the film.

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